PAT Testing In The Workplace

PAT Testing In The Workplace

PAT Testing refers to the portable appliance testing which means that the electrical appliances which are being used, they can be trusted for the further usage only by first testing them. Although the defect in the appliances can be caught by giving a glance there are some electrical devices which look fine but they don’t work properly when connected with the system. Hence visual testing is also an important part but it cannot be relied upon alone so PAT needs to be performed.

This prevents any mishap from occurring in the workplace and the workers are also saved. This is also the sign of a professional company. The electricity at work regulations is the authorized department for testing and managing the harmful activities at a workplace. It clearly states that the testing that is the PAT testing of the electrical appliances regularly is very important because every electrical device has the potency to cause any unpredictable injuries.

Therefore, in order to avoid these, PAT is a successful intervention undertaken. It is a valid question that how frequently, the electrical devices need to be tested. The answer is simply that the frequency depends upon how long it has been in use and the environment in which it is used. For example, any electrical tool being used at a construction site must be more frequently tested as compared to a lamp kept in the bedroom of your home. Although no such law has been passed, that the appliances after getting tested need to be labelled that they have been tested but however for your company’s protection, the records can be made in the workplace regarding the testing of the electrical appliances. This would ensure a better coordination and management in terms of the protection of your company and would help you to get your appliances tested timely in future.

Another doubt usually arises about a new equipment. As the company has purchased new equipment in bulk. Then there is hardly a chance that wouldn’t work as they are new and have been supplied under safe conditions so the simple visual check would simply serve the purpose. But if any appliance is found damaged in appearance, it is important to check it before it is brought up in usage. This ensures the safety of your electricity system and makes your work reliable and completely safe. Thus safe handling of the electricity is an important part which must be kept in mind by each and every company.

For the PAT testing, an electrician would be the best as he knows fully which equipment needs to be tested in which manner. If an electrician is not approachable then an updated staff member is also given the permission to test the equipment. This should be done safely as the electrical instruments have the potential ability to cause harm to the supply as well as the person. So the person doing PAT must be enriched with the knowledge of how to use that equipment.

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